Corporate Culture
We are a young and dynamic team enthusiastic about the work we do. We move quickly, developing creative projects and solutions that bring value to the areas in which we work, and we implement our projects successfully.


Our vision:
Is to be the leading real estate development company in Turkey by pursuing pioneering and enriching projects that enhance the lives of people in this country.

Our Mission
is to write success stories again and again by developing signature, creative projects, that introduce lifestyle innovations and bring culture and nature into daily life. We do this all while encouraging new investments and new investors to participate with our dynamic team, which is continuously learning more about the real estate development industry.


  • We are Bilgili; we are experts who continuously seek new knowledge together.
  • We are a team.
  • We do our job with enthusiasm.
  • We produce creative, innovative and fast solutions.
  • We nurture leaders.
  • We take our social responsibilities seriously.
  • We do not overlook the details when we look at the big picture.
  • We pursue real result and want to succeed every time.



  • Education: All candidates will be considered with priority given to those holding at least a B.A. degree in a field related to the positions we are seeking to fill.
  • Foreign Language: Because we work with international operator companies, investors, partners and foreign employees, the English language plays an essential role in our daily lives at the company. In critical positions, advanced knowledge of English is an absolute necessity to ensure effective communication. For all the other positions, knowledge of English is preferred.
  • Experience: Even though experience is required for specialist positions, we also provide career opportunities for new graduates who show the eagerness and determination needed to learn and succeed in other appropriate positions.
  • Compliance: In our recruitment process, we only evaluate candidates we believe to be in compliance with the corporate culture.
  • Military Service: For the positions that require experience, we prefer that candidates have already completed their military service. For newly graduated recruits, we prefer that candidates have military service postponed for at least two years.
  • Selection and Placement: Our recruitment processes have been designed to identify the most suitable future employees who can be effective coworkers to members of our current team and who have competencies specific to our corporate culture and the desired position. Accordingly, we are conducting competency based interviews.

    Open positions are currently being filled through the application process on www.kariyer.net, part of the corporate web site, www.bilgiliholding.com, or through consulting companies, depending on the requirements of the position.
    Candidates are expected to have the qualifications necessary to contribute to our corporate culture, as well as the functional competencies required for the position. In addition to these qualifications and competencies, the professional backgrounds and experience of each candidate will be evaluated.

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