Palazzo Corpi, known as the first diplomatic US government property abroad, has been restored and revived thanks to the world famous Soho House brand.

Located in Beyoglu, which is one of the oldest districts of Istanbul, Palazzo Corpi was initially designed by Italian architect Giacomo Leoni as a residence for Ignazzia Corpi, one of the most important ship owners of his time. The historical buildings that comprise Palazzo Corpi include three structures with first- and second-degree historical status: the Palazzo Corpi, Annex and Chancery. Equipped with all the features associated with aesthetically pleasing architecture at the time of its construction, Palazzo Corpi became the US Embassy in 1937 and remained in that role for many years.


A private members’ club with branches in London, Berlin, Miami, Los Angeles and New York, Soho House especially appeals to those who have found success in the fashion, art, media and advertising industries. Serving as a hotel, restaurant and club, Soho House also offers additional venues and services, such as the world-famous Cecconi’s restaurant, Cowshed Spa, a library and a cinema. As a club for its members, Soho House is an important meeting point for key players in Istanbul’s intellectual life.

55.000 M2 (Kapalı Alan)
5.000 M2 (Açık Alan)
60.000 M2 (Toplam Alan)
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