Designed by Sarkis Balyan in 1875, the Akaretler Row Houses were built by Sultan Abdulaziz to accommodate the most prominent and high-ranking officials of Dolmabahce Palace.

After careful research into their cultural and historical significance and structure, the Row Houses were authentically restored in Akaretler, one of the most important districts of Istanbul where the city’s deep historical legacy feels tangible.

Upon the completion of restoration work that highlights the area’s architectural and visual grace, this historical district has been re-introduced to modern city life.

At the completion of this restoration process that emphasized the region’s architectural and visual elegance, this historical district entered an exciting new phase, becoming a thriving part of contemporary urban life.


The Row Houses project enriches the fabric of the city and each of the venues and galleries that are opening one after another include historically conscious artistic touches. In total, the project currently incorporates 98 offices and residences, 42 shops and restaurants and the W Istanbul.

Akaretler Row Houses/W Istanbul has been recognized as one of the five outstanding recent developments and selected as a winner of the Urban Land Institute (ULI) Awards for Excellence: Europe, Middle East and Africa.

55.000 M2 (Kapalı Alan)
5.000 M2 (Açık Alan)
60.000 M2 (Toplam Alan)
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